Lotte Blue - Natuurgeneeskundig Diertherapeut

About Me


As a small child I already had a connection with animals. In our small garden in London I looked for snails and let them crawl over my arms with fascination. When we moved to the countryside in the south of the Netherlands, I came into contact with horses for the first time. For my 8th birthday I was given riding lessons and at the age of 14 I was given my first horse. Cats and chickens have also always been important companions in my life.

Over the years, my love for animals and nature has deepened and expanded. In 2015 I traveled to California to spend 3 months at Fear-No-More animal sanctuary. There I mainly worked with camels, horses, llamas and goats. I was so impressed by this special place and their way of handling and training animals that I went back twice for several months to further immerse myself into their vision.

I was always more focused on the field of training and had never had an interest in veterinary medicine. But at some point my horse became chronically ill and in the search to help him I came into contact with natural medicine for the first time. I became increasingly interested in it and took a number of courses on medicinal herbs for animals. A new world opened up for me and I decided to train as a naturopathic animal therapist at the Silverlinde institute. After 5 years I completed this study and recieved my diploma in January of 2023.

Although I specialize most in the field of horses, I enjoy working with all animal species. In addition to the animals mentioned above, I also have experience with guinea pigs, mice, chinchillas, rabbits, dogs, sheep, alpacas, pigs, donkeys, reptiles and parrots. I also like the less appreciated animals such as snails, woodlice and insects and I even keep some as pets.

In addition to naturopathy and training, I also have a great passion for holistic pasture management and regenerative agriculture. I am a member of the Hagenmakers team as a fodder hedge consultant and design edible/medicinal hedges for horses and livestock.

I am a member of the BCND and regularly attend further training. I never stop learning and like to keep developing myself in all my areas of interest. 

My animal team






Rubus and his ladies Hera, Artemis, Tulsi and Thuja


Giant African landsnails